Drawing curved lines with a long batten

In this video I took the drawings off the wall, because the hardboard warped, but also for the reason that I want to be able to take the drawings with me to any place. Stewart from LuckyFish channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkHpXYj4icqUOkQZqkelyPg ) sent me beautiful photos of his Tiki 38 and I am going to put these photos on the walls of my workspace. He has sent them to me to keep me inspired. That was very nice and thoughtful of him. After that I used the long batten that I made the day before to draw the curved lines on the lofting floor. You can see I compared the curved lines to the straight lines that I already drew between the station points on the lofting floor. I think now I can cut the parts out of the hardboard, cut a bit outside the lines and I guess sand it to the lines. I wanted to cut the parts out of the hardboard, but I decided to think another day about it. So then I started cutting 19mm x 45mm oregon pine again. I am happy to have received much advice and suggestions. Most of the advice I am going to try to implement in the next weeks. One advice is of Sailing Unsanity is that though it is possible to build the Wharram Tiki 38 with the power tools that I already have, it is much more precise and efficient to use bigger tools (table saw, band saw, compound miter saw, table planer, upright belt/disk sander). I am looking into that right now. In another post on the Wharram Builders and Friends forum Axel mentioned a book named: The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction (free PDF download at: http://www.westsystem.com/the-gougeon-brothers-on-boat-construction/ ). I have downloaded this book and am going to read it. Another book that I recently bought and am reading is: Boatbuilding Manual by Robert M. Steward, Carl Cramer. I am also going to look into buying a bandsaw, which is according to a very nice comment by Roderick Anderson is his most indispensable tool in his workshop. Temperature in the workspace is at the moment around 10 degrees Celsius. The package of the West System epoxy says store above 10 degrees, so I have to make special insulated case with lightbulb for this or I am just going to keep my separate 6 square meters epoxy room above 10 degrees.

Music : East Side Bar by Josh Woodward – http://joshwoodward.com


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