My name is Marcel Pereira, I was born in 1979. At the moment I live in wonderful Bangkok, Thailand. I love and enjoy boatbuilding, sailing, exploring, travelling and eating.

I have visited the following countries:

Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Bonaire, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Canada, China, Croatia, Curaçao, Denmark, Dubai, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, South Korea, Laos, Luxembourg, Macau, Monaco, Myanmar, The Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, United Kingdom, United States

I love to eat delicious and healthy food. My diet is mostly vegan, or more specific a whole food plant based diet. I limit the amount of oil, dairy, meat and alcohol that I consume. However I do sometimes make exceptions, because I would like to taste food that I have never tried before, and when I am a guest I will also eat what is prepared. Click here if you would like to understand why I eat mostly a whole foods plant based diet.

I also like: Alan Watts, Amy Winehouse, David Welsford, Eckhart Tolle, Forest Sangha, Mark WiensNutritionFacts.org, Sadhguru, Sailing SV Delos, The Alchemist

Email: svsatoshi@gmail.com