Various moments in Bangkok, Thailand

0:01 super delicious food
0:06 truck with very soft tire backing up in construction area
0:29 very low hanging utility cables
0:35 bird in cage
0:38 walking through narrow alleys
1:01 shop selling motorcycle parts
1:07 very empty BTS station
1:13 pawn shop
1:29 very large structures above street level
1:46 suddenly you have a very large pillar in front of your house, obstructing view completely
1:58 chillis drying in the sun
2:01 walk near Baan Silapin
2:39 fish swimming smoothly against the current

Some moments of November 15th, 2018

0:01 swine near Saphan Taksin ferry crossing
0:08 outdoor fitness under Saphan Taksin bridge
0:13 muay thai, thai boxing under Saphan Taksin bridge
0:15 ferry
0:18 man pointing tourist where NOT to go to get the best river boat experience
0:25 Iconsiam from orange flag Chao Phraya express boat
0:31 Wat Arun
2:31 The reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

Eating tree worms in Yangon, Myanmar

In this video I am eating tree worms in Yangon, Myanmar. I walked along Strand Road where there is a Yangon Street Food Night Market. One of the stands had just one plate with worms moving in a thin layer of water. The seller told me there is normally only 1 worm per tree. I always like to try new culinary things at least once, but for this one I had serious doubts. After looking at them for a couple of minutes which made me even more wary I decided to try anyway. I travelled to Yangon, Myanmar for new experiences and this would be one of them. I paid 2500 kyat per worm. The seller selected the 2 fattest ones and fried them in oil. I have to say the taste was very delicious. They taste to me like large shrimp, they were only more soft on the inside. You eat it all.

Kun-ya preparation in Yangon, Myanmar

Kun-ya is a a combination of chewing betel leaves with areca nuts (betel nuts) and slaked lime paste (calcium hydroxide). The recipe of what is inside the betel leaf is different from shop to shop, with some also including tobacco, chili or other ingredients. After chewing it is either spat out or swallowed.

When I was walking around the city centre of Yangon I encountered many small shops preparing and selling kun-ya.

Maha Bandula Park, Yangon, Myanmar ( မဟာဗန္ဓုလ ပန်းခြံ )

In this time-lapse video I visit Maha Bandula Park which is a public park in Yangon, Myanmar.

Many local people are sitting and relaxing here. I walked around and was greeted by many friendly locals. I sat for quite a while in the centre of the park, in the shade of the large white obelisk.

The opening hours of the park park are from 05:30 until 18:00. At 18:00 officials whistle and direct everybody to leave the park.