Still working on the backbone parts

On this day I reorganized one of the rooms, applied some epoxy on backbone parts, removed amine blush. Received several new pieces of 9mm Bruynzeel Hechthout and hardboard, stored them in my temperature and humidity controlled room. Did some sanding. Applied a second layer of epoxy on 2 pieces. And the last thing I did was re-checking the lower bulkhead drawings that I made on the lofting floor.

Music : Border Blaster by Josh Woodward –

Redraw of the lower bulkheads on the lofting floor

Today I did a redraw of the lower bulkheads on the lofting floor, because I was not satisfied with the method I used in the previous video. The previous time I used a flexible ruler to draw curved lines for the lower bulkheads, but when I was at home and looked again at the plans I noticed that these are obviously straight lines. So I had to go to the workspace today to redraw the lower bulkheads together with Louissanto. I forgot to film or photograph the difference, but I will show it in the next video.

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