Xavier & Matthias helping me with the installation of woodworking machines

In this video my friends Xavier and Matthias came to visit my workspace and they helped me a lot. I am really happy, because thanks to their help I have a full length tent and I have a working table saw and planer/jointer combination. It was a nice day together.

Music : Good to Go by Josh Woodward – http://joshwoodward.com

Various tests with epoxy, change of hardener, building a tent

In this video, which has footage of 2 weekend days, you can see that I continued with various epoxy tests. I also discovered that I am working with the 206 hardener (minimum temperature 15 degrees celcius), while I actually bought and intended to use the 205 hardener (minimum temperature 5 degrees celcius). When the epoxy supplies were delivered I did not notice it. So I have placed another order for the 205 hardener. I am still not done with my epoxy testing. The epoxy warming box that I made last week works a bit too good. The temperature was about 32 degrees celcius. I changed the lightbulb to a 43 watt and now the temperature inside the box stays between 20 and 25 degrees celcius. After that I have built a tent inside my workspace. This is also a test. In the main (large) room my workspace the temperature is currently around 5 degrees celcius and the humidity level is usually somewhere between 70% and 85%. I did this test with the tent to see if I can use the tent to cover parts of the project and bring the temperature inside the tent up to 17 degrees celcius and 60% humidity. Inside the tent there is a small heater with thermostat and a dehumidifier. I am able to get it up to the temperature and humidity values that I want in 15 to 30 minutes and after that the heater and dehumidifier are not running continuous, only when the temperature of humidity gets out of the preferred range. The tent is obviously not large enough so I am not sure if or how I am going to use this tent in the future. Maybe only for building the lower part of the hulls.

Building a special heated box for epoxy storage at around 20 degrees

In this video I am making a box for the storage of the epoxy at a temperature of around 20 degrees celcius. After that I continue with my epoxy experiments. I sanded some test pieces with 80 grit sandpaper. I was quite surprised about how much of the coating was removed. I am wondering if this is normal or am I sanding too much before applying a new coat?

More tests with epoxy, learning how to work with epoxy

In this video I continue with getting used to working with epoxy. In the previous video I used epoxy for the first time, so when I came back the next day I wanted to see how and if I could clean the tools that I used, I also wanted to see if the epoxy cured well. I also coated several other small pieces of plywood to test other things on (like for example sanding or multiple coats). I really want to start with putting the backbone together, but I am first going to work a bit more with test pieces. Apart from that, the temperature in the main room of my working space is now almost below 10 degrees and in the next months it is only getting colder and often more humid. So I might have to postpone putting the backbone together until the temperature and humidity is more suitable. If that would be the case, I know how to keep busy and warm… I have to saw, joint, plane many long battens out of the planks of wood that I have. I am looking at a machine, the Holzstar UMK 6 for this purpose.