Drawing the 7 station lines on the lofting floor, help from Louissanto

In this video I continued work on drawing the backbone lines on the lofting floor. I finished drawing 7 station lines. I also got some very good assistance from my son Louissanto. Thank you Louissanto 🙂

Music : Of Dark Rooms and Crooked Candles by Josh Woodward – http://joshwoodward.com

Start by creating a lofting floor

In this video several sheets of Bruynzeel Hechthout 18mm and 10mm and some hardboard were delivered. I also picked up a Festool CTH 26 E/a vacuum cleaner and used it to clean the workplace. After the cleaning I put 9 sheets of Bruynzeel Hechthout 10mm on the floor, creating a so called lofting floor in preparation for probably this upcoming saturday. On saturday I will start drawing out the backbone lines of the boat.

Music: Bonjour Mon Amie by Josh Woodward – http://joshwoodward.com