Eating tree worms in Yangon, Myanmar

In this video I am eating tree worms in Yangon, Myanmar. I walked along Strand Road where there is a Yangon Street Food Night Market. One of the stands had just one plate with worms moving in a thin layer of water. The seller told me there is normally only 1 worm per tree. I always like to try new culinary things at least once, but for this one I had serious doubts. After looking at them for a couple of minutes which made me even more wary I decided to try anyway. I travelled to Yangon, Myanmar for new experiences and this would be one of them. I paid 2500 kyat per worm. The seller selected the 2 fattest ones and fried them in oil. I have to say the taste was very delicious. They taste to me like large shrimp, they were only more soft on the inside. You eat it all.