Building a Wharram Tiki 26

At the moment I am building a Wharram Hitia 14. My next project will be building a Wharram Tiki 26. I have already bought the Tiki 26 building plans. I am going to build the Wharram Tiki 26 without making changes to the original design. I would like to keep it all as simple as possible, but I do have some specific requirements, which are:

Electric engine

I do not want to carry fossil fuels aboard.

Solar panels

I want to maximize the amount of solar panels.

Wind generator on top of the mast

I would like to have a wind generator on top of the mast, just like on Stewart & Zaya have on their Tiki 38 Luckyfish. It saw how it worked very well overnight to top-up the batteries.

Induction cooking

I do not want fossil fuels aboard, so I choose for an induction cooking set. The electric system aboard should be suitable for this.