Getting used to working with power tools

In this video you can see that I started with cleaning up and reorganising of the workspace. Change the position of the lights, setup of the table, taped some cables on the floor so I don’t trip over it and some other things. I put 2 of the drawings on the wall so I don’t have to bend over to look at the floor for measurements. Then I spend most of the day getting used to the power tools that I have (a sander, a jigsaw, planer and drill). I am a novice builder, and actually novice DIY, so I have to learn a lot. Made some 19mm x 32mm battens from the rough oregon pine.

Music : She Dreams in Blue by Josh Woodward –

Start of transfer of lines onto hardboard on the lofting floor

In this video I nailed down pieces of hardboard on the lofting floor and drew the same lines again. Oregon pine wood was delivered and the neighbour came to visit with 3 little girls to look at my project. I gave them an explanation and told them that they are always welcome to visit and see the progress of the build. I also followed the advice of Ricardo who commented to my video on the Wharram Builders and Friends forum that I should buy some knee protection. I bought a high quality pair of trousers which has special pockets for knee pads. It was well spent, because today I did a lot of drawing on my knees and there will be much more to come. 🙂

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Cleaning and organising the workspace and drawing backbone lines

In this video I unpack some tools and epoxy materials. I cleaned the workplace floor, because after several days it is needed, you can’t really see it on the video, but there is some sand, dust, twigs and parts of leaves on the floor. After that I continued drawing the backbone lines. For me it’s a very slow process, because it’s all new for me and I want to get it right. In the process of drawing I discovered that one of my station lines was off 10mm. I have redrawn this station line and checked and measured everything again. All the lines are drawn except for the curved lines for which I need to nail down a batten. I will do this next time and then proceed with drawing the lines again on sheets of hardboard.

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Drawing the 7 station lines on the lofting floor, help from Louissanto

In this video I continued work on drawing the backbone lines on the lofting floor. I finished drawing 7 station lines. I also got some very good assistance from my son Louissanto. Thank you Louissanto 🙂

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Start by creating a lofting floor

In this video several sheets of Bruynzeel Hechthout 18mm and 10mm and some hardboard were delivered. I also picked up a Festool CTH 26 E/a vacuum cleaner and used it to clean the workplace. After the cleaning I put 9 sheets of Bruynzeel Hechthout 10mm on the floor, creating a so called lofting floor in preparation for probably this upcoming saturday. On saturday I will start drawing out the backbone lines of the boat.

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